Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

1. Hours: Everyday Members have 24/7 access with key entry. Everyday Members can access the Indie 24 hours during hours when the workspace is unstaffed and as such we expect our members to be respectful of one another. Any behavior deemed harmful or offensive to others won't be tolerated and will result in Membership being immediately terminated. Regular business hours (when The Indie Alley is staffed) are Mondays through Fridays, 9am to 5pm.*

2. Basics: Each member must have a separate residence where he or she sleeps. Everyone here acknowledges the community guidelines are the core of these terms of service. It is 1 person per membership. See Steph Harty about team memberships. Entry codes, security codes, keys, may not be shared with non-members for any reason.

3. Day trials: Once per person, and only if you are considering becoming a member. Pay to reserve via our website. The day trial doesn't include having visitors or mail/package delivery. The day trial is for one calendar day, between 9am and 5pm.

4. Payment: Payment is required to reserve. Your card is charged on the first day of month. (When signing up in the middle of the month you will have a pro-rated charge. The standard rate that you sign up is the rate you keep, as long as you're a member unless you change your plan. (ie - Everyday to a Fixed Desk). Rates stay the same for current members. If at some point you wish to cancel your membership then email at least the day before your next billing cycle. For billing questions or requests, email Steph at For lost keys, there is a $50 replacement fee per key fob.

5. Conference and phone rooms and other common areas. The Indie Alley has a conference Room that can be booked via Proximity. The phone booths and other common areas do not need to be booked. If you want a fixed desk, please see Steph and make a request. The fee for fixed seating is currently $350. Reservations: If you would like to reserve the conference room, den, or living room please make reservations via the Proximity App.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for conference room reservations to credit your account. After that, there are no refunds. For the Den and the Living, the cancellation window is 48 hours for a 50% refund. After that, there are no refunds.

Why: community vibes. At The Indie Alley, a member cannot be in conference room for extended periods of time even if it is not otherwise booked. The exception: there is no hourly limit while there are after-hours member events in our space; then the conference room is open unlimited for members during that time.

Somebody, if not Steph Harty, someone will always be covering; during these hours.

And hey, if something is bumming you out and you need to be heard, always feel free to see Steph Harty, send a note to hello@theindiealley and/or post something on the Feedback channel on Slack!